Can someone learn to program professionally

Are you kidding me?
YOU wrote above:
“I'm in web development, i.e. from xHtml, to CSS, PHP5, JavaScript, various frameworks such as Prototype, jQuery, etc. I actually do everything. Mainly Magento development today. "
And now you're telling me that people in web development are “messing around” because you are suddenly a “programmer”? I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Most of all, you don't seem to be able to read properly either. Before you feel called to insult others, work on it.
I wrote: “I wouldn't call it“ programming ”except for PHP;) That starts with Java and Co for me. "

So I said something COMPLETELY different from what you put in my mouth here.

Above all, I wonder how you all of a sudden come across "webdesigner". Web designers are graphic artists who DESIGN websites, that's why they are called WebDESIGNERS. Web developers are people who implement these technically. For me it says PHP, among other things. So I don't use a CMS, I've even written my own.
What I see here is just hate (possibly also envy) because people are being "hyped" and you are not.

I also strongly doubt that every layman can put together a dynamic website in 10 minutes;) The layman alone needs more than 10 minutes to get used to the interface. The main thing is to get rid of provocative exaggerated statements. Here you have your fish, you troll