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FHRK planning aid for building entry concepts for buildings

(10.11.2011) Every house needs supply lines for electricity, drinking water, telecommunications and possibly for gas or district heating from the public network. Routing the pipes and cables required for this into the building via commercially available KG pipes can lead to problems in the long run. For years, industrially manufactured multi-line house entry systems have been safer and state-of-the-art. As a planning aid for end customers, the Association of House Entrances for Pipes and Cables e.V. (FHRK) has developed the information leaflet "House Entrances for Houses with Basement". It describes the advantages of this system solution and shows different variants.

Multi-line building entries are tested, reliable and durable. However, there is still no uniform standard in Germany for these compact and space-saving building entry systems. Currently they mainly use municipal utilities. It looks different in rural areas. Because the home is usually supplied by four separate utility companies, there is less interest in a uniform solution. That is why planners and future homeowners should insist on a multi-line house introduction. Otherwise there is a risk that the utility companies will seal the cable and pipe ducts in a way that does not meet the increased technical requirements for the long-term impermeability of the building envelope.

The Fachverband Hauseinführung für Pipes und Kabel e.V., FHRK, has set itself the goal of developing technically secure solutions for this area together with the utility companies and other users. At the GAT 2011, the FHRK members presented the first results of the joint development and the associated information brochures.

Architects, specialist engineers, building owners and energy supply companies can download the free brochures “House lead-ins for houses with a basement” (PDF) and “House lead-ins for houses without a basement” (PDF) via E-mail to the professional association for house entries for pipes and cables request for free.

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