Why are my shoulders so narrow

Girl, what are you guys doing with your too broad shoulders?

One of your loveliest peculiarities is the eternal denial of your own beauty. You are never satisfied with what you see in the mirror, you never just leave a compliment there. There is incessantly turned down, added up, argued against it. Even if there are no current deficiencies, you have a large arsenal of all-time complexes that you can sprinkle in as needed. Very often we hear the complaint about broad shoulders. Or shoulders that are too narrow, but this is not quite as common. Broad shoulders are to blame for not being able to wear this one dress, broad shoulders are to blame for making you feel like a combat swimmer in the pool, broad shoulders are the worst of all. At least until something else gets worse. When the time comes again, we have to stare at your shoulder blades and neck area and assure you several times that these are shoulders that fit perfectly with your rest of your body. Which is also true. Nobody notices broad shoulders. And broad in relation to what? Please explain to us how seriously you take this shoulder problem - and how we can talk you out of it.

The girl answer

If only it were the broad shoulders. I can't tell you why we are constantly dissatisfied with the way we look. The fact is, there are a number of very specific blemishes that we girls fear. I can't tell you what swipes from mean riot boys or forums from one-euro women's magazines they branded us.

The fact is that it's always the same and we already know that most of the time it's not quite as bad as we think. But the moment we complain about it, it's acutely bad. If you look too long at these areas that you find affected, it happens automatically: The upper arms then become thicker and thicker, as with Popeye when he has eaten spinach, they inflate more and more - just not in a nicely muscular shape, but simply: fat. We are then bloated and plump and want someone to come and free us from our greasy complex film. You namely. Then you have to come and say that it is not like that at all. And when we say on the street: Does my stomach look like hers? Then you have to say: What, they? Are you totally crazy now? You're in a completely different league!

And so that you are well prepared for where our complex zones are, here is a nice list of flawed fears that we all carry within us.

We fear:
To have elephant shackles. Feet that, plump and without a swinging ankle waist, simply merge into a greasy calf. The same applies to the knee-thigh bridge - and the real waist, which should never be too wasp, but just never be bumble-bee. Thin hair. Then I prefer frizzy afro curls, which we have to treat every morning with sprays and straightening irons. Thick hair can be thinned out. But thin hair is the plague. You can't thicken it, at least not if you want to look like yourself and not like Daniela Katzenberger afterwards. Having a receding hairline, anyway: too many bald spots on your head. An oily complexion. Nothing is worse than looking like a glassy roasted pork belly on your face. Thick upper arms that wiggle when you wave or laugh. The little sausages that form in the crease between your upper arm and your chest. Ugly toes When we're at your toes: Hair on your toes . A lady's beard. Basically: Too much body hair Large pores, not only on the face, but also on the calves Thick moles Drooping eyelids Sausage fingers Double chin, in general: a head that merges directly into the torso X-, O- or simply: legs that are too short A pelvis that is happy to give birth. At least outside of the time of birth. Not to have a good "jeans boot" Not to get rid of the so-called "baby fat" Looking stupid in profile Not having the right hair color, but something like "street dog blonde" or "ash gray" That our belly is mistaken for a pregnant belly. Crooked or knobbly noses have big ears martina-Holzapfl