What will happen to James Comey

Nothing but the truth

The American rule of law is on the brink of the end of the Donald Trump era. At the beginning of President Joe Biden's tenure, ex-FBI director James Comey shows how a fair justice system must work. Regardless of whether the opponent is the mafia, drug dealers or the leadership circles in the state apparatus: Only the truth can now save the USA.

"Storming the Capitol is our Chernobyl moment." - James Comey

“It is time for America to leave a fallen and corrupt president behind and begin rebuilding. There is much to be done, but the recipe is simple: tell the American people the truth and nothing but the truth. ”- James Comey
Impressive cases from the career of the great lawyer and criminalist James ComeyNew York City, Langley and Washington D.C. - The prosecutor and FBI director in search of the truthJames Comey is Trump critic # 1 and shows how a torn country under Joe Biden can heal its wounds
“As a former public prosecutor, I know that the victims of fraudsters are often the last to attempt the fraud. I've had cases where the victims pleaded for the perpetrator in court because his lies had become part of their identity and they couldn't admit it. Our long-term task will be to bring the people who fell for Trump's lies back to reality. ”- James Comey

The rule of law is the foundation of democracy, it protects its citizens. But after four years of Trump, this foundation has deep cracks - the rule of law is at stake. James Comey, ex-director of the FBI and one of the best-known critics of US President Donald Trump, is convinced: Only an unconditional will to truth and transparency can save the country after the Trump years. James Comey uses his most spectacular cases as a public prosecutor and head of the FBI to show in concrete terms how investigative authorities, criminal defense lawyers, judges and juries fight together for justice in the USA. At the same time, he reveals how the Trump administration is attacking this justice system and fighting the truth - with opaque maneuvers, alternative facts and backroom deals. Comey's book is not only a rousing representation of criminal cases, but also a passionate appeal against the perversion of the law and the infiltration of the judiciary: after Trump, trust in the law must once again become the fixed star of all government action.

"This book is an attempt to remind us how our judiciary should work and how leaders should behave." - James Comey

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