Can I feed bread to street dogs?

Can dogs eat bread?

Your dog loves bread and you are wondering whether your four-legged friend is even allowed to eat the food that was actually made for humans? Here is the answer.

When masters and mistresses bake fresh bread in the kitchen, dogs are usually there immediately. The pleasant and delicious smell of bread not only attracts people, but also loyal four-legged friends. So dogs like to eat bread for life.

Work animals such as dogs were given baked goods made from barley, spelled and wheat as early as ancient times. Most of the food was soaked in a little whey or served with bone broth and milk. In this way, not only did the taste improve, but also the richness of the small meal for the loyal companions. But should dogs really be given bread, or is the consumption of carbohydrates in the amounts found in bread unhealthy for the animal?

Dried bread: Allowed in small quantities

Many fur noses have an innate intolerance to gluten. For this reason, dogs do not or only partially use food made from wheat. Before giving bread, it is therefore a good idea to find out whether it is difficult for the family member to digest the bread as a snack.

In the context of an intolerance, the following symptoms often appear:

  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • Flatulence
  • Fur problems
  • Difficulty with the skin
  • itching
  • Bloody feces

If none of the above appear, there is a high probability that the dog will tolerate the food. In such a case, the darling may from time to time nibble on dry bread. However, dogs should not consume more than a small piece, as large amounts of the food are simply unhealthy for the animals.

However, masters should not give their pets any baked goods made from sourdough or with yeast. Yeast and sourdough can swell in the animal's stomach. If the components inflate too much, this can in the worst case even mean death for your darling. For this reason, pet owners should pay attention to the ingredients of bread and rolls on the packaging, or ask the baker for information.

No fresh bread for dogs

Fresh bread smells aromatic and, in the opinion of the faithful companion, should definitely be on the menu. Unfortunately, fresh bread has another negative effect on dog health.

As with pasta made from sour and yeast dough, fresh bread puffs up in the stomach. This favors the development of gases in the animal's body. The gases usually cause pain and nausea in the dog. In some cases, gastric torsion has even been reported after eating fresh bread. Hence, feeding fresh pasta to the family member can end up being fatal. So, as a matter of principle, avoid fresh baked goods (also as occasional snacks) for your four-legged friend.

Is toast allowed for dogs?

If the dog can handle toast, it can eat a small piece of the crispy snack. A piece of toast is therefore perfectly fine as a small reward or snack between meals.

However, if the animal roommate is overweight, dog owners should avoid toast. Due to the high content of sugar and wheat, regular consumption of toast can lead to weight gain in the animal, along with other health consequences. If the fur nose is overweight, its weight increases the risk of further diseases. Therefore, dog lovers should generally keep an eye on the weight of their loyal friend so as not to endanger their pet.

These foods are a healthy and therefore good alternative to the delicious slice of wheat:

  • Bananas
  • Potatoes
  • Pears
  • Kohlrabis
  • Apple
  • Berries (not grapes)

However, owners should note that excessive consumption of bananas can lead to digestive problems. That's because the yellow fruit is stuffing. Animals that have a rather hard bowel movement are therefore better served berries. But please do not use the frozen berries.

Make dog bread yourself

Sometimes all of the ingredients in bread you buy are difficult to identify or simply incompatible. It can therefore make sense to make the tasty snack for the animal itself.

Only a few ingredients are required to bake bread for dogs. If you want, you can bake a crispy and nutritious dog bread from the following foods, for example:

Some people also use bananas and herbs in their baked goods. This creates an additional aroma in the bread, which the four-legged friend tastes even better. In addition, the beloved dog receives other valuable nutrients that strengthen its body and supply it with energy.

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