How can I gain weight without moving

Second, the phase is never reached in which the glycogen reserves are used up and protein or fat would have to be broken down - at most during the night. For this reason, some strength athletes also get up at night to have a bite to eat, hoping that this will prevent muscle breakdown at night, which - if at all - should have little effect.

Correct gastric acid deficiency if you are underweight

If there is any suspicion that the underweight is due to a gastric acid deficiency, measures that stimulate gastric acid production (bitter substances) and many of those measures that generally have a positive effect on gastrointestinal health can be helpful, such as: E.g. chew well, not too hot and not too cold to eat / drink, not to drink anything to eat, green smoothies etc.

Bitter substances against underweight

The bitter substances just mentioned can also be useful for those with poor appetite, as they can stimulate the appetite - taken before meals.

One takes bitter substances z. B. in the form of bitter base powder, herbal bitters (e.g. Bitterstern), dandelion powder, dandelion root extract and of course bitter herbs and lettuce.

If you are underweight: fruit as a starter

Fruits as a starter - e.g. B. an apple - also stimulate the appetite.

MCT fats for underweight

If there is a weakness in digestion of fat, MCT fats and / or coconut oil can be used as extremely easily digestible sources of fat.

MCT stands for medium chain fatty acids (Medium Chain Triglycerides). So that these fatty acids can be absorbed and used by the body, neither bile acids nor fat digestive enzymes are required.

Coconut oil consists of about 70 percent medium-chain fatty acids.

Healthy weight gainer against underweight

Weight gainers (shakes for weight gain) are ideal high-energy snacks.

A healthy weight gainer could e.g. B. of almond milk (or hemp milk = prepare almond milk recipe with peeled hemp seed), with some coconut milk, oat flakes, banana, if desired some honey and 1 to 2 tablespoons of rice protein, hemp protein, lupine protein or a mixture of vegetable protein powders.

Such a shake is filling, provides plenty of nutrients and micronutrients and provides lasting energy.

Soak the oat flakes - if it is whole grain flakes - for half an hour before processing, which increases their digestibility.

If you are underweight, use juices as a drink

Half of the daily amount of liquid can be absorbed through fruit and vegetable juices (pure or diluted), which are naturally richer in calories (and at the same time richer in vital substances) than water.

Intestinal rehabilitation against underweight

Since only a healthy intestine and an intact intestinal mucosa can properly utilize the food, an intestinal rehabilitation or at least the build-up of the intestinal flora makes sense. You can find out how a healthy intestinal flora is built up here: Building intestinal flora

Drinking food if you are underweight?

High-calorie drinking foods from the pharmacy should only be used for people who are very underweight or who are threatened with further weight loss, e. B. shortly after the removal of the stomach, after other serious operations, with severe emotional stress (if this led to loss of appetite) or with eating disorders.

Exercise against underweight

Exercise is an essential part of the weight gain program. However, endurance sports (cycling, jogging, swimming, etc.) should not last longer than 20 minutes, otherwise you will start again to burn more fat, which is initially undesirable when building body mass.

Strength training, on the other hand, should be expanded (3 x per week 30 - 45 minutes each). Don't expect immediate results from weight training. It can take a few months for visible muscle mass to be built up.

Elderly, sick and weak people should have their physiotherapist show them an individual program with light but effective exercises. Many exercises can even be performed perfectly lying in bed.

We wish you every success in your healthy weight gain! If you would like support or further advice, simply contact a specialist advisor for holistic health in your area.


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