Which is the darkest Indian film

Merle Kroeger

The first novel in the Mattie Junghans series
ariadne crime 1146
ISBN 3-88619-876-6

Bollywood in Hamburg?
When the last meter of film rolls off the reel in the projection room of the old art house cinema, it is also the last performance in her dream job for Madita Junghans. What now? Madita has north German parents, an Indian face and no plan. Her boyfriend Nick is different: he persuades her to pursue a career as a detective couple. To practice, 'Nick and Matti' go in search of Madita's biological father. All she knows about him is that he is Indian. But where do you start? Mattie's mother has lived in a psychotic dream world for years, and her foster father Hinnarck is anything but talkative. An extremely unfavorable starting position for the investigation - and yet, to their amazement, Nick and Matti soon find the darkest chapter of German-Indian history in a deadly turmoil ...

Press comments on Cut:
"They really do exist, the little miracles in the crime fiction business, for example Merle Kröger's remarkable debut novel" Cut ". Unsolicited, the manuscript was sent to Argument Verlag, (...) - and things went their way, a new hope for the German crime novel was born. (...) After years of drought, spring seems to be looming in the field of German-language crime novels. (...) Merle Kröger could develop into an avant-garde in this area. That would make this author the spearhead of a most gratifying and long overdue development. "
WDR Funkhaus Europa

"The Berlin filmmaker Merle Kröger, who is also often active in Bombay, stages her gripping thriller about personal fates, the confusion of colonial and National Socialist history and the hustle and bustle of India's dream factory Bollywood with speed and sharpness. She skilfully rewinds the entire vocabulary of the black series and mixes it with echoes of the Tatort slippery movie at home. All in all, Cut! "
amazon.de editors

"Like a refrain," songs "break through the text again and again, in which the mood of the protagonists is illustrated by dance interludes and songs. Here the author borrows from the Indian films" Bollywood ", which are characterized by these songs. Cut! "Should therefore definitely take a look at a Bollywood film in order to be able to properly appreciate the cinematic quotes in the text. And anyone who has just been to a Bollywood film should read Merle Kröger's book as quickly as possible. Either way: You won't get around either around."